A Mind of Cheer: How the Philosophy of Cheerleading Can be Applied Through All Aspects of Life

Author: Jordan L. Brown


Learn to live each day with empowerment, motivation, and positivity—just like the cheerleader you are! 


A Mind of Cheer has been designed to channel the philosophy of cheerleading through all aspects of life. It is an innovative and interactive book for individuals to channel their inner cheerleader through life, goals, and mindset. It is a perfect companion for pre-teens and young adults as they navigate life and develop the power of positivity. Whether out cheering on the field or at home, these principles can guide us each step of the way.

With each chapter tackling specific keys to personal growth, A Mind of Cheer teaches us how to keep the illuminating spirit alive by practicing the cheerleading concepts designed within. 


  • empowering affirmations

  • journal pages featuring writing prompts

  • thought-provoking discussions

  • goal-setting outlines

From learning the power of positivity to leadership skills and making a positive impact, A Mind of Cheer is the perfect book to keep life cheerful within one’s self, others, and our magical world.

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