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Case Study - Dr. Josh Luke

Dr. Josh Luke is a veteran hospital CEO, a ForbesBooks Featured Author, a leading international speaker and a faculty member at the University of Southern California. Dr. Luke is on a mission to use his years of knowledge and experience to help others break free from the entrapment of the current healthcare delivery model.

With well over 100 speaking appearances since 2011, Dr. Luke has solidified himself as one of the most sought after voices in the healthcare affordability space. Dr. Luke travels the world sharing the well-kept secrets of the healthcare industry and educating families and businesses on how to escape the healthcare affordability crisis.

Dr. Luke's 1st book, "Ex-Acute: A former hospital CEO tells all on what’s wrong with American healthcare, What every American needs to know" was first published in 2016. Disappointed in the results of his initial launch, we teamed up with Josh two years later to relaunch his book with a new marketing campaign, and Ex-Acute" became the 1st in what is now 3 Bestselling books.

You can find Dr. Luke online at:

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You can find Dr. Greene online at:

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Case Study - Dr. Kimble Greene

Dr. Kimble Greene's message is simple, yet compelling. "I reconnect people to their core power so they can live the life they dream."

We explained the strategy, assisted with her website and offered our expertise on e-book layout and design. "They were exactly the marketing experts and author coach I needed.

Once my book reached #1 on Amazon, Create Your Authority Publishing didn’t stop there. They included me in their network by extending invitations to various life changing events and, to this day Jim Lewis, the Founder of Create Your Authority, continues to reach out and support me in ways that no other coach has done. Jim supports my endeavors and is genuinely interested in my success. In this profession, he stands out as one of the few who is reliable, honest and truly committed to his clients."

If you are interested in getting your book, previously published or new, to #1 status, Jim Lewis – is your man!

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