Bloom Where You're Planted: Daily devotions to enlighten and brighten your relationship with Christ (Bloom Daily Devotional Series Book 1)

Author: Mary Rodman


Daily devotions which inspire you to look past the day to day routines and the daily chaos to see God. Through Mary’s unique style of writing you will discover how to BLOOM regardless what life tosses your way. You will experience joy as you see God surround you with peace. He will enlighten and brighten your crazy, rollercoaster ride of life.

Bloom: A flower, especially one cultivated for its beauty. Cultivate your beauty as you grow closer to Christ through Mary’s words and her personal testimony. These meditations include both Old Testament and New Testament scriptures. The 99 devotions are easy to read and thought provoking. Each one provides great Bible study and reference materials and a variety of options, such as suggested scripture readings and soar with Jesus tips.

Mary challenges you to see Jesus in every part of your life. We often focus on the struggles, the heartaches, and the day-to-day routines and forget that Christ is present through it all. Her words serve a a biography of her life and her walk with Jesus. She provides examples of Christian living and her words provide counseling for your Christian walk.

The devotions in “Bloom Where You’re Planted” range from laughter to tears and can be used like a reference handbook full of encouragement. Life is so hectic that we often feel more like an object than a person. In the devotion, “Object or Person,” you are reminded how important you are to God. So important that He knows you by name.

While visiting the temporary memorial in Shanksville, PA, Mary was reminded that Jesus loves everyone. She shares her devotional, “Flight 93” about the 911 tragedy, on her blog post. Please join the conversation with your thoughts, prayers and concerns for those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Available at:

Bird Poop is Mary’s most talked about devotion in the “Bloom Daily Devotional Series”. Chuckle as you read of Mary’s bird poop experience and how she highlights the biblical example of Abigail. The story of Abigail provides important Christian leadership traits which we can embrace as part of our conduct of life.

Mary’s Christian quotations are popular on Social Media and especially on Pinterest. You can read these quotations at: or

A few words about “Bloom Where You’re Planted” from Mary’s readers.

Our women’s Bible study group has thoroughly enjoyed studying…‘Bloom Where You’re Planted.’ We find so much to discuss in just one short chapter. Every chapter she writes is scripture based. We can really relate to Mary’s stories in our day to day lives and our walk with Jesus Christ. So thought provoking and easy to understand as it relates with her daily living and her walk with Jesus. Denys Jones, member of Old Stone Presbyterian Church Bible Study

Mary Rodman’s book ‘Bloom Where You’re Planted,’ really hit home to me. Every page touched my heart. She is home spun and down to earth. Reading her devotional book was a delight to my heart and soul.
Pamela Peters, Fulton Creek Evangelical Friends Church

Easy to understand. I’m only a third of the way through the book as I am reading one devotional a day. The stories are heartwarming. Mary writes in a way that is friendly and very thought provoking. Real life stuff, easy to understand. This book will stir your heart to have a deeper relationship with God. Totally enjoying it!! Amazon Customer, December 5, 2016

Like sitting down with a mentor to chat. Sometimes the Lord blesses us with deep Christian friends whom we can talk to regularly and help us along the way. During other seasons it feels like no one around us is like-minded. Bloom Where You’re Planted is like sitting down with a mentor and friend as you read… I do recommend this title as the content is biblical and encouraging as well as being more than just surface faith. Kindle Customer, May 24, 2017

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