Captain Glow

Author: S. J. Flann


They didn’t know just how dangerous science could be until the attacks happened. 

Bravery is the key to a life and death battle as students at Aberdeen High are pulled together to help a mysterious, resourceful man protect clean energy systems from a vicious saboteur’s attacks.

Join the adventurous, fearless team of Will, Audrey, Darius, Margaret, and TR  as they face off against kidnappings, an explosion, and even murder. Together they channel their knowledge of science and their ability to organize, into detective work to determine the source of these incidents. 

The clock is ticking as the mystery leads them on a journey from a zoo––to their high school, and from a university’s electric vehicle lab to a wind farm, where Will and his friends––and the mysterious Captain Glow––scramble to protect the newly engineered systems from destruction.

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