From Hell to Heaven: From Surviving the Killing Fields of Cambodia to the Beatitudes of Living in Gratitude

Author: Sophal Pettit


Sophal Pettit, was a young child when the Pol Pot revolution came to Cambodia. 


She, along with her parents and siblings, is a survivor of the Killing Fields of Cambodia.  They came to this country with nothing, but their lives.  At age fourteen she enrolled in school for the first time, not understanding or speaking a word of English.  Sophal shares her stories beginning with the normal everyday life typical to lives as most of us know it, to the isolation, unspeakable death tolls, and devastation of the Killing Field, then, her family’s escape to U.N. camps and subsequent sponsorship to the U.S.


Sophal’s touching story will grip you, as she talks about the struggles of adapting to life in the U.S. and her journey to discovering herself.  She shares her story to inspire others to understand that they do not need to live a life of victimhood and that they can indeed overcome the trials life brings to them.  


Sophal’s deep spiritual connection to God has been her saving grace.  She describes herself as a child of the King of Kings, a wife, mom of 3 kids, a grandma (aka) Glamma, and a partner business owner.  She lives a busy, productive life.  While her journey has not been an easy one, she knows that the road that she took has made her a champion for life.   



This must-read book is a riveting, inspiring true story of survival, courage, and perseverance against tremendous odds and oppression.

I was so moved by “From Hell to Heaven”. Sophal Pettit seamlessly knits together the past and the present as she recounts living the horrors of war as a child, and then learns to rise above adversity as an adult with faith, hope, and forgiveness.
From Hell to Heaven… affirms our hope that the present can redeem the past and that God’s love has the power to heal.

It is a poignant and memorable story of a war-torn family’s rise from being victims of war, to living a life of victory. It is my honor and privilege to recommend and endorse this book.

Susan Miller, author of After the Boxes Are Unpacked
Founder and President, Just Moved Ministry

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