Funnel Hacks for Authors (Vol. 1): Turn Your Book into a List-Building, Money-Making, Client-Getting Machine

Author: Rob Cuesta


Remember when they told you all you need to do is write a book and you’ll be rich? Still waiting? Follow along with six-time bestselling author Rob Cuesta, CEO of BrightFlame Books, as he builds two of the core funnels every author should put in place if they want to use their book to grow their business and make money:

    1. A Reader Bonus funnel for building a list of readers who want to know more and are ready to take the first step with you.
    2. A Free + Shipping funnel for building a list of motivated BUYERS who have spent that all-important first dollar with you. 

Inside this idea-packed book, you’ll find everything you need: sample emails, pre-built funnels, and pre-configured follow-up sequences you can import directly into the recommended tools, as well as examples from highly successful expert-authors.

With detailed full-color screenshots, and click-by-click instructions, Rob shows you how to get started with powerful but easy-to-use marketing tools for as little as $30/month.

So, why should you buy this book?

    1. If you’re an author or thinking of becoming an author, then you need this book because it sets out exactly how to build two of the core funnels every non-fiction author needs to have in place if they want to use their book to grow their business.
    2. If you’re not an author but you own a business. You still need funnelss. Even though the funnels in the book are built around a book, they will work just as well for any other lead magnet and low-cost offer.

Most business owners put off building marketing funnels because either they don’t know what tools to use, they’re worried about the cost, they don’t know how to do it (and they’re maybe a little scared of the technology), or they don’t know what to write on the pages or in the emails.

Rob has your back:

    • Rob tells you exactly what software tools to use and gives you the links you need. 
    • You can get started for as little as $30/month total, and both of the tools recommended have 14-day free trials, which is long enough to try out everything in the book. 
    • Rob has built your funnels for you. All you have to do is follow the click-by-click instructions to load them into the software and tailor them to your business.
    • Rob has even written the follow-up emails. All you have to do is load them up (again, the book shows you how) and tailor them to your business. 

And if you register your copy of the book, you’ll get 2 weeks of free “Get Sh*t Done” email coaching to make sure you implement what’s in the book.

It’s as close to ‘done for you’ as a book can be!

PS. Remember: Rob has done all the ‘heavy lifting’ for you in the book: the funnels are built and the emails are written. All you have to do is tailor them to your business.

PPS. And register your book after buying to get 2 weeks of free Get Sh*t Done coaching

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