I Married A Junkie: Put to the Ultimate Test by Addiction, Love, and Life

Author(s): Dr. Cali Estes and Tim Estes


They fight for the love they know is there, hiding beneath a wicked and drug-fueled storm.

This is the story of a relationship overwhelmed by an unbelievable force, addiction. This force attempts to repeatedly destroy Cali and Tim, but through will and determination, the couple finds a way to continue the fight.


The Addictions Coach Dr. Cali Estes and her husband, professional drummer Tim Estes come clean about their amazing story as the couple struggled with Tim’s heroin addiction which threatened to end their relationship…and his life.


Cali grew up in rough and tumble, blue-collar Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Surviving a childhood where verbal abuse was the norm, Cali made her way to higher education, motivated to make something of herself. After realizing she was addicted to food and finding a path to her own recovery, Cali found success in the business world before it all came crashing down.

On her way back up, she discovers Tim in New York City, an aspiring rock musician who had migrated north after leaving his “American Dream” upbringing in Florida. Tim brought aspirations of making it big, like his idols Mötley Crüe, along with a penchant for cocaine and the rock n’ roll lifestyle.

Cali and Tim launch their new lives together and celebrate with a move to the warm Florida sunshine, where Cali’s Addiction Coaching business begins to thrive and so does Tim’s new passion for heroin.


“Cali is a true survivor in life and has taken her pain and turned that negative into a truly positive situation. Cali helps more people than most and remains humble. This book is a must-read for everyone.”

– Tim Ryan, A&E’s Dope Man and A Man in Recovery Foundation


“Dr. Cali Estes helps clients reach their ultimate goal, a lifetime of sobriety. This amazing book is a small peek into what powers her desire to help educate the world on addiction. I’m glad to call you coach!”

– Vance Johnson, former Denver Bronco and Personal Trainer / Coach at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

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