Recording Audiobooks: Audiobook Narrator Manual For Audible, iTunes, & More! Sell More Books and Build Your Brand: 2020 Update

Author: George Smolinski

ASIN: B0174Z1B0Q

Audio is hot! Its no secret that whether its podcasting or audiobooks, people want to listen to content as much as they want to view it or read it. If you’ve wanted to be an audiobook narrator get started with recording your own audiobook with this guide!

This is a complete guide with video instructions that will allow you to record your own audiobook as an audiobook narrator. I know because I used THESE SAME TECHNIQUES to record this book for Audible!

Audiobooks are the hottest trend in publishing today. There has been explosive grown in audiobook sales over the last 4 years, and you need to get your book in audiobook format today. This guide will teach you the ins and outs of recording audiobooks, even if you want to record your audiobook narration yourself!

What this guide will discuss:

  1. What equipment you’ll need for recording audiobooks and audiobook narration
  2. How to get started recording audiobooks with GarageBand and recording with Audacity software
  3. Tips and tricks to help you get started on the right foot with audiobook narration
  4. How to upload your finished book to Audible books and iTunes books
  5. Helpful resources to outsource your audiobook production if you’re not a do-it-yourself person.

Get on the audiobook bandwagon and learn about recording audiobooks today!

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