The 5 Keys to Calming Your Baby

Author: Barbara Firer


Barbara Firer is an accredited CranioBalance Therapist. CranioBalance is a hands on, very light touch therapy creating calm and well-being within the client, relieving physical and emotional pain.

Through her course “The Listening Touch”, she has been teaching moms, for a number of years, how to relieve distress and pain in their babies by using simple hand placement techniques.

In her new book “The 5 Keys to Calming Your Baby”, you’ll learn about The Listening Touch, which provides you with the tools to take control of those situations when your baby is upset or even hysterical. “The Listening Touch” is designed to empower you to use these tools (instead of feeling helpless), and to achieve calm and well-being for you, your baby and your family.

During her CranioBalance training Barbara discovered there were a number of simple techniques that parents could use on their babies and children in order to bring about calm and well-being.

At the same time Barbara’s children were supplying her with grandchildren to practice on and she was constantly developing these techniques.

This book is a collation of those techniques, called The Listening Touch, combined with tips on how to develop your style in bringing calm to your baby.

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