The AVADA Principle: How an Ancient Word Holds the Key to Your Highest and Best Life

Author: Michael Sipe


Imagine your highest and best life.

Envision your most abundant life. How would you describe it? What does a good life…better yet, a great life, look like for you? Most of us desire a great life, and there’s no shortage of advice on how to get it. Opinions abound. However, perhaps you’ve noticed that interesting opinions and catchy sound-bite advice fall short of delivering on the promised path to a good life. Maybe you’ve wondered if there might actually be a foundational, life-organizing principle you could trust. What if there is a principle that holds true for all people, in all times, in all places…including today?

Turns out, there is.

You know that opinions last for just a day. Seasons come, and seasons go. Empires rise, and leaders fall. Civilizations emerge, and governments fade. Gods are raised, and then crash down. Religions offer hope, to just prove frauds. People live, and people die. Theories form and fall apart. But principles are forever. The principle you’re about to discover is ancient. It found its first expression in the earliest forms of written language as a single word that has been woven throughout human history. Although the word is little known, and has been obscured for centuries, the principle it encompasses was true 6,000 years ago; it’s true today; and it will be true tomorrow. In fact, it’s timeless. Like an archaeologist unearthing a priceless scroll, as you explore the pages of this book, you’ll uncover the enduring keys to living your most abundant life.

Welcome to The AVADA Principle!

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