The Imperative Habit: 7 Non-Spiritual Practices Towards Spiritual Behavior - For Happiness, Health, Love and Success

Author: Dave Rossi


How does one apply Spirituality and Spiritual Behavior into a practice to enhance our own lives?

David Rossi learned a definition of happiness growing up in the grotesque wealth and golden handcuffs of Silicon Valley. Was what he learned a definition that provided true stability, sustainability, and everlasting internal happiness?


While this talented hardworking man set out to collect the trappings of success, he did everything but just that. Although along the way David amassed substantive wealth, a company, a beautify wife, 3 kids, a big house, boats and vacation homes, he also picked up depression, anxiety, poor health, high blood pressure and eventually losing it all, including the death of his best friend dying, fighting among his family and a disabling injuring needing back surgery.

The losses in his life offered the kind of suffering that eventually turned into contemplation and motivation for change.
David explored all realms of possibilities towards finding true everlasting happiness. His goal to apply these lessons to his life. As he engrossed himself in a multitude of self-help books, philosophers and spiritual teachers. He found wisdom, consciousness and answers.

What David discover is that the wisdom he collected needed a practice. The Imperative Habit is the practice of applying the teachings he learned. Some lessons from texts are 100’s or even 1000’s of years old. David turn these lessons into the Imperative Habit to turn his life around. And now he has found and lives with sustainable, internal happiness. The book is a ‘How to” towards transform your own life from wherever it is into more.

The lessons work, the practice solidifies them and the application of these practices are endless towards; Happiness, Health, Love and Success.

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