The Power of the Published: How Rapidly Authoring a Book Can Ignite Your Business and Your Life

Author: Everett O'Keefe


For thousands of years, we have revered authors. From Homer to the writers of today, we reserve a special place in our hearts for those who have accomplished what few ever will. Books themselves have a mystique about them, for they are the age-old receptacles of our collective wisdom. There is power in a book!

Why not put this unique power to work for you?

In The Power of the Published, you will discover the unique and wondrous powers of a book and how to put these powers to work for you! You will learn how a book can:

-Give you authority and expert status

-Quickly convert prospects to clients

-Equip you for speaking and media opportunities

-Give you access to clientele you might not otherwise reach

-Attract the right clients…and repel the wrong ones

-Train your clients to be better clients

-And much more!

No medium is more powerful or enduring than a book. And no tool or strategy can do more for your business or organization than the writing of a book. In these pages, you will experience the power of books and also learn how you can quickly put authorship to work for you.

It is time for you to experience The Power of the Published!

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