The Technology of Doing Creating and Being

Author: Monika Moss-Gransberry


Creating the lifestyle that you want can be simple, but it is certainly not easy. In this book, The Technology of Doing Creating and Being, Monika shares 9 technologies with the intention to help you learn to use these human technologies to accelerate the pace your self-mastery. It will help you make your vision real – faster – to move you toward doing your ideal work, living your ideal life, and being happy healthy and whole. 

These technologies have been used and taught throughout all of human history. In this book, Monika puts them to work in our modern context, to help you create the life you want. Monika Moss-Gransberry is a business and self-mastery coach and organizational consultant. Over her 30 years in business, she has worked with thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs helping them to manifest their vision. 

This is her third book. Her first book, Life Mapping: A Journey of Self Discovery and Path Finding (2007) focuses on the tasks of mapping your future. This book, focuses on making that vision real, the process of manifesting.

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