Transitioning from Medical Training to Professional Life: Preparing for Your Future as a Medical Professional

Author: Dr. Richard Moses


As Dr. Moses has mentored, lectured and motivated residents, fellows and other young health care professionals in training programs over the decades, he has heard a recurrent theme: there is not enough formal instruction given during one’s years of medical training regarding how to segue from the life of a student to entering the professional world. Recent studies show that 90% of residents believe they are not prepared to handle the business side of medicine.

About 49% of young doctors say that they received no formal instruction during medical school as to professional issues, including how to commence a job search, appropriate compensation arrangements, entering employment contracts or reimbursement methods. This is even more disconcerting as this number has decreased from 56% just four years ago. As medicine has become more of a business over the years, medical school training has not clearly evolved with the times.

Despite this lack of formal training, new physicians need to be able to handle themselves in the business of medicine. One of Dr. Moses’ major goals in writing this book is to enable young physicians to recognize some of the rudimentary medical-legal issues and understand where and how to seek help to further their professional goals.

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