Unlock the Secrets: Overcome & Rise Above Anxiety and Depression

Author: Dr. Flor Marques


am so glad you are here with me right now. I invite you to come with me, with your mind and heart open, as we dive into this beautiful process of self-healing. Through the process of acknowledging yourself, you will discover that there is a reality beyond the reality that you’re living in. So sit tight, sit comfortably, and lock your safety belts. This can be a turbulent experience for you as it was for me. But that is okay because right now, we are unlocking the secrets!

Our journey begins with a broad understanding of anxiety and depression. Where does it come from?
Here’s the story: We create stories in our head, and we live by them. Even if the stories are lies. We live in this space, without even realizing the reality is unreal. When these lies become too big and overwhelming, our lives get out of control. When this occurs, we experience high levels of emotional discomfort and pain. And it takes over our lives.

The false reality begins when we are very young. When we are little, society, our parents, and we as children create a story in our heads about what our lives are going to be like when we become adults. We start fantasizing… I will have this kind of career… I’m going to get married. I’ll have the perfect husband /wife. I’ll have a perfect family and life. When we grow up and grow into our realities, we see that we are far away from the kind of life we idealized as a kid. The career is really us working at jobs that we don’t even like in order to pay our bills. Everything in life seems to happen in a challenging way. We become discouraged and disappointed because our expectations from the past aren’t matching our realities in the present. Our body and brain do not easily absorb this reality. Our subconscious doesn’t know how to distinguish what is our story that we have created in our minds, from what is the reality that we are living in. With all these unpleasant situations in front of us, we feel overwhelmed and very heavy! All this heaviness is based on our judgments about what is right or wrong, good or bad, success or failure, etc. When this is not matched by our reality, our mind goes out of control and we find ourselves in a state of anxiety and depression.

I want to help you find a different point of view. Have you ever wondered, what if the right is wrong, and the wrong is right? What if the bad is good, and the good is bad? Whaaatt?!!! Probably, by now this is a little confusing to your head. Let’s take a moment here and acknowledge that possibly there’s a different reality that exists, yet we are unable to see this reality at the moment. Please imagine that you can create other possibilities here and now. Absolutely, right now. The technique is this: once you stop looking into this point of view of what is right or wrong, and what is good or bad, your reality will shift. What if you start looking into the reality that you’re living? Actually, say to yourself, “wait a minute!” You now start questioning your perception of reality! “What if my routine life is not the way I’m seeing my reality?” Let’s bring awareness to your life here and now. Then ask, “what can I do?”

So you are about to enter a new world of 9 amazing holistic ways to change your reality. “Unlock the Secrets” gathers different healing modalities that I want to share with you. As you begin to read “Unlock the Secrets” please remember that I want to make myself available to you. I’m happy to answer any possible questions on these 9 methods of healing anxiety and depression. Imagine, these tools can be used again and again and are not addictive. You are invited to send me an email: Let’s chat. Tell me what you’re going through. We’ll see how these tools are working for you and I will be more than happy to follow up with you!

“Unlock the Secrets” brings together 9 amazing holistic ways to change your reality by taking personal action. Are you ready?!

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