Your Financial Road Map: Planning For Life, Retirement, and Financial Freedom

Author: James E. Blazer


Our belief is that if you ask ten different people how to describe financial planning, you’ll get ten different answers. And unfortunately, if you ask ten financial advisors the same question, you’ll probably get an entirely different set of answers. We wrote this book to, hopefully, demystify the concept of what financial planning is and to bring clarity to why everyone should consider investing the time to create their own personal financial roadmap.

We believe that proper financial planning needs to include conversations around your feelings about money, as much as it needs to include the hard facts about money. Discussions around “peace of mind”, providing for your loved ones, protecting your income and preserving your legacy are all critical elements that need to be woven into the planning conversation. To help illustrate what the various components of the financial planning process can help accomplish, we have included a few real-life examples of stated client goals and the solutions that were set into motion to achieve them. While we realize that these examples may not apply to your specific situation, we hope you will begin to see how the most complex objectives can be solved by engaging in the planning process. If you wish to dig a little deeper regarding your personal situation, we invite you to contact us at the Wealth Planning Group. Let’s begin…

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